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HGDYE192F 400L Solar Water Tank

The upright tank can keep the water temperature at different level.It can heat the top water instantly.The special structure can prevent from mixing the cold and hot water together.

The tank is located in the building ,the connection pipe between the tank and water tap is very short,so that hot water can be used instantly and seldom cold water flows out.

The tank is located in the building,the hot water loses less energy than the normal one.

The heater collector and the water tank is separated,that makes the system combine with the building perfectly,which will not effectthe sightseeing of the building and the environment around.

Back up with electric heater so that in the day without sunshine hot water can also used.







Type Tank


Out tank Diameter


Lut tank


Lut tank


Heat Exchange Area
HGDYE191F-100-58/1.8-10(ONE COIL) 100L 480×1000 385 SUS304X


HGDYE191F-150-58/1.8-15(ONE COIL) 150L 480×1460 385 0.55m2
HGDYE191F-200-58/1.8-20(ONE COIL) 200L 570×1270 480 0.75m2
HGDYE191F-250-58/1.8-25(ONE COIL) 250L 570×1600 480 0.925m2
HGDYE191F-300-58/1.8-30(ONE COIL) 300L 570×1820 480 1.1m2
HGDYE191F-400-58/1.8-40(ONE COIL) 400L 750×1720 630 1.175m2
HGDYE191F-500-58/1.8-50(ONE COIL) 500L 750×1720 630 1.475m2
HGDYE192F-150-58/1.8-15(TWO COIL) 150L 480×1460 385 0.35m2/0.5m2
HGDYE192F-200-58/1.8-20(TWO COIL) 200L 570×1270 480 0.4m2/0.7m2
HGDYE192F-250-58/1.8-25(TWO COIL) 250L 570×1600 480 0.55m2/0.875m2
HGDYE192F-300-58/1.8-30(TWO COIL) 300L 570×1820 480 0.6m2/0.95m2
HGDYE192F-400-58/1.8-40(TWO COIL) 400L 750×1720 630 0.575m2/1.15m2
HGDYE192F-500-58/1.8-50(TWO COIL) 500L 750×1720 630 0.8m2/1.425m2

Inner Tank :stainless steel SUS 304-1.2mm/porcelain inner tank

Out Tank:painted steel-0.6mm/stainless steel-0.6mm

Insulation:50mm Polyurethane

The inner tank material:SUS304-213;SUS316L stainless steel 1.2mm

The out tank :color steel or SUS304 stainless 0.5mm

The heat insulation material:Polyurethane

The thickness of the insulation:47.5-60mm

The use pressure:<6 bar

The test pressure:10 bar

The accessories:

The temperature and pressure relief valve

The sensor

The copper coil heat exchanger:one or two

The drain pipe

The installation method:vertical